2017. The Year of the Real.

When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

That’s a lesson I should have taken myself lately. When you have a bad impression of someone, and they turn out being like you thought they were, well, you can’t really tell yourself I told you so. No. You just have to learn to accept when people show you who they are, to believe them.

It sucks when someone proves you right about themselves. When you really didn’t want to be right. But that incident has walked me into my new years resolution. Something I don’t believe in, or do really for that matter, but something I think I should walk into this year with.

2017 is the year of real. No fake friends. No fake love. No fake anything. Lets all be fucking real this year. Not because I said so, but because why do we continue to do things that we don’t want to do under obligation or feel the need to? Fuck that shit. I’m done doing things I don’t want to do when I don’t have to. I’m done sparing feelings and getting hurt, because no one else gave a shit to spare me. I’m done with fake ass people with fake ass smiles, and fake ass personalities.

I’m done with butthurt. I’m done with expectation. I’m done with the bullshit of trying when I don’t have to. I’m done with holding back, and I’m sure as hell done with being held back.

Guess what, I strolled into 2017 with a big no fucks given. The only people that can pull you down, are the people beneath you. This might sound arrogant, but honestly, I’m just tired of all the people that are beneath me pulling me down while I am constantly trying to pull them up. Especially since they don’t give a fuck about me. Which, I am learning. Slowly. Cause I’m a good friend, and I don’t know how to be fucking fake like the rest of the population I guess.

2017 is the year of me. Me being unapologetic of who I am. Me not letting people use me. Me not letting petty bullshit and undeserving people get in my way of being happy. Quality over Quantity. Priorities. All that Jazz.

If 2016 was about realizing stuff, then 2017 is about reacting. I’m about to react to so much stuff I realized last year. I’m not even angry. I’m not bitter. I’m not mad.  I’m just tired. 2017. The year of real. Lets see how real you are.


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