What I’m about.

I tend to question myself. What drives me. What I’m working toward. What am I all about? Recently, I asked myself that last question. And here are the answers I have come up with.

I’m about:

My Priorities. The number one people in my life being my husband and my son. I’m about the love that I share with my husband, and learning how to make that stronger and better with each day passing. To try to understand him more, and as we grow, grow together, and intertwine, so we are stronger because of the connection we have.  I’m about the quiet moments, the small moments, the boring moments. I’m about my son, and striving to raise him to be not only intelligent, and skilled, but also good. For him to have a good heart, and an open mind. For him to be understanding, and caring. Not to just see the surface of a person, but to see their soul. Because I can raise a smart, intelligent kid, but I strive to raise a compassionate, caring person. And that takes work, because of the world and how it is today.

I’m about, true friends, the people that are about me. I’m about the people that let me into their lives, and welcome my presence. That include me into their plans, because they want to involve me. I am about making sure they feel important when I encounter them, because to me they are. That they know I’m grateful to be thought of, and that I think of them too.

I’m about letting myself be myself. And not holding back my flaws because I think others won’t like them. I’m about accepting myself the way I am, but also striving to be a better me, without comparing myself to the others around me. Instead letting them inspire me, and being happy for their success. I’m about no judgement, but acceptance. And understanding every path is different. Including my own. And I’m about not letting someone else’s opinions of me, change mine of myself.

I’m about letting go. Remembering what is important, and letting go of the petty things that don’t matter. Learning how to let people go, even when I don’t want to, because it is better for me. Learning how to let go to the past, and not letting it define my future. Letting go of the pain, so it can no longer hurt me. Letting a sunset remind me that an ending can be as beautiful as a beginning. And letting the stars show me, that even in the darkest moments, there will always be light in your life.

I’m about Love, and Laughter. Kindness, and doesn’t cost a thing to share it. That the best present, is time. To give all these things freely, without wanting anything in return, because investing in these things, putting these positive things out into the universe, the universe will give you positives back. That there is never a regret with time spent being happy. And there isn’t enough time to be anything else.

So what are you about? Ask yourself. Always question yourself, so you know the answers when someone else questions you.




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