BuzzFeed’s 10 Questions about yourself.

So, I tend to read snapchat articles. Usually in the mornings before I get out of bed, and this morning, BuzzFeed had a 10 questions to help you connect with yourself. I thought this was great, and decided to answer them here. So maybe, I not only understand myself, but others will too. Here we go.

I wish people knew I was _______.

More than anything, I wish people knew I was trying. I’m trying. I’m trying to be the wife I’m supposed to be. I’m trying to be the mother I’m supposed to be. I’m trying to be the friend I’m supposed to be. I’m trying to be everything I’m supposed to be. I’m trying to be better. I wish people would see the efforts I make, instead of the missteps I take. Cause I try. I try hard. I wish people would see that.

What’s your favorite place?

My favorite place. I never really thought about my favorite place. I think my favorite place is just surround by friends and family. You know that moment when you are at like your birthday, and everyone you love is there celebrating you being alive? And they are all there just because its a special day to you? That’s my favorite place to be. Surrounded by people that are there for you, just because you mean something to them. I soak those times in, cause they mean a lot to me. That’s my favorite place to be.

Talk about a time you lurked someone online.

Oh geez. Do I have to? I don’t know.. I tend to stroll through my past and find people I might have known, just to see what they are up to. See what they turned out to be like. The most recent time I lurked someone online was a person my friend was gossiping about. Internet has made it so convenient to be able to put faces to names.

What movie is the closest to the story of your life?

Ummmm. Maybe Sweet Home Alabama? Just because I married my first kiss. And I moved away from him for a couple of years, and dated other boys, and then somehow we got back together when I came back to town to visit… and we are in the south,.. And we argue pretty much the same.. And my folks are just as country as Reese’s folks in the movie, and I tried to distance myself from that as much as possible like her, but ended up sticking with my roots. So yeah, definitely that movie.

Describe your dream job.

Can I just be paid to be myself? Like, I want to just be paid to do exactly what I’m doing now.. So. Yeah, give me my life as my dream job, just let me get paid doing it.

What made you happy about yourself today?

I made a friend laugh today. I tend to always be happy about myself when I can make someone else laugh. When someone is laughing at a joke I told, I automatically feel awesome about myself. Like, hell yeah, I’m funny! I think funny people are the best people. They bring joy to someone else’s day. So when I get to be that person, it makes me happy.

What do you need to apologize for?

Let me apologize for not expressing my emotions well. I’m just not very good at letting people in when I need to. I don’t say I love you very much to people I care about, and I should tell the people I love that I love them. It’s a hard thing to do to let myself be venerable. I have emotions, and I feel them, probably more than you feel yours, but I’ve always needed to be strong, because so many people have hurt me, sometimes I build too many walls. I don’t let enough people see how I feel. I am sorry for that. I’m sorry I don’t know how not to be the “cool girl”. I don’t know how to be overly emotional. I don’t know how to be in my feelings. I’m too busy trying to avoid them. That’s the story of my generation.

Are you outgoing, introverted, or in between?

Outgoing. I’m friendly. I never meet a stranger. I enjoy big crowds full of energy. It lifts me up. I soak it all in. I love people, places, and events. I hate cancelling plans. I do get tired of being around people. But that’s rare.

Where would you love a gift certificate from?

Give me a gift certificate from…Vans-the shoes. Or anywhere that sells Vans. I love vans. I am always wearing my vans. I have multiple pairs, and I need more.

If you had a tattoo, what would it be of?

I have a tattoo. Its an anchor, and Jeremy and I got them as an anniversary gift to each other. We got an anchor so we “don’t drift apart”. Its cheesy and cute, and it means something, which I wouldn’t get a tattoo if it didn’t mean something. Its in red ink, because I like red ink. And its on my ankle, cause I’m a basic bitch. And so I can show people, but also it isn’t like, in your face. I don’t think I would get another one, unless I really wanted it cause it had an important meaning behind it to me. Because 3 months after I got my anchor, I had a mini panic attack cause it was there forever, and I just couldn’t get over the fact it was going to be there forever. I know tattoos last forever, but I wasn’t mentally prepared I suppose. So it would really have to be a special tattoo for me to get another one.



Well there are my 10 answers. I’m kind of surprised by some of the answers, some of them, I knew about myself already. Ask yourself the ten questions and learn something about yourself. Let me know if you learned anything interesting here. LOL.. Probably not though.



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